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I didn't exactly grow up in a house where we had "family traditions" per say. The only traditions I can think of that we did was attending church on Christmas eve and sometime Christmas afternoon driving to my grandparent's house (about an hour away) to spend the rest of the day with them and my cousins. The kids would play most of the day outside, followed by Christmas dinner and family games. My dad's side of the family would always get together some other time in December and have a big family Christmas party. The adult men would take turns being Santa and come bring little trinkets for us kids. We still keep this tradition alive now in our family, however it has gotten a LOT bigger now that all of the kids have kids of their own. I have so many fond memories of Christmas' spent this way.

As our kiddos are starting to get older I am loving starting our own little family traditions. This year, in particular, we started a new one. Growing up in Florida, I never had any other experience besides picking a Christmas tree from Home Depot or another local Christmas Tree Lot. So when I heard there was another option of chopping down our own Christmas tree (yes, even in Florida) I felt my heart leap for joy with excitement at the opportunity to do this with the boys. I know, I am a total boy mom, aren't I.

We made the 2 hour drive and found ourselves in a field full of Florida Christmas trees at Santa's Christmas Tree Forest. They took us on a hay ride behind a tractor, gave us an old hand saw and set us free among the trees. It was so much fun and I really think that the boys will enjoy doing this for years to come.

They also had other activities to do there, including Santa, pony rides, other farm animals you could feed, a zip line (one for "big kids" and one for "littles") concessions, a bouncey area, and ice cream truck. Just an overall fun day for us and the kids.

Boys shirts are from Plucky Mustard

Overall, our experience was amazing! The perfect way to start the holiday season and to get into the Christmas spirit. This will definitely be a new Christmas tradition for our little family. Gabe is still asking when we can go back.

What are some of your family traditions? Are there things that you did growing up that you now do with your kids?

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