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Pictures are one of those things that I really hold near and dear to my heart. They are the preservation of memories and times past and really the main thing I will cherish as my boys get older. If I could have a photographer freely take photos of my family all year round I would totally be on that. Unfortunately we do not have unlimited funds for photography (maybe one day), so usually I am the one behind the camera. Because of this, I rarely get to be in any of our photos, so it is nice to have our pictures taken every once in a while so that I can be a part of the memories as well.

I just love how our family photos came out this year. It is so sweet to have these pictures and memories that I am actually a part of.

This is one of my absolute favorite pictures of my boys! All the heart eyes!!

Future GQ model right here?? A little note on this last photo here. This blazer belonged to my husband when he was little so we wanted to get a picture of Gabe wearing it. This pose and face was all HIM.

Thank you to my dear friend Kéra, over at Kéra Photography for taking these beautiful photos of our family. If you are in the Tampa Bay Area and are looking for an amazing, down to earth photographer, Kéra is your girl!

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