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Shirt on Gabe : Dream Big Little Co. // Shirt on Elijah : Vazzie Tees

Christmas is right around the corner and it is getting harder and harder to keep the kids at bay with opening gifts. So, I was pretty ecstatic when our Totlife box subscription showed up on the doorstep Monday afternoon. It was the perfect little surprise to kick off Christmas week!

I have been subscribing to Totlife for a few months now, just for Elijah, but this month I decided to get one for each boy. I have been loving the products we have been getting and the companies that are involved are great. It is such a fun, unique way to shop small, learn about new companies and to get your kiddos some fun, new, sometimes personalized gear.

The cutest personalized Santa sacks made by Vazzie Tees

How it Works 
Each subscription is completely personalized to your individual child based on how much you wish to spend and what theme you choose for the month. Each month you get to pick from 4 different fun themes and they feature different things/clothing all from small business so it is always a surprise! But that is the fun part.  We have received some super cute items that I probably wouldn't have purchased on my own.

Gold vs. Silver
There are 2 levels of subscriptions, gold and silver. Gold subscriptions cost $64.95 and you receive everything from the theme, including a full outfit (or two), a toy and accessories that also fit in with the theme you have chosen for the month. The Silver box is smaller and only costs $34.95 per month. With this box you will receive an outfit or an item of clothing and toy. This is the box we have been doing and I have never been disappointed.

Shipping is always FREE so there are no hidden costs. You can also skip months or cancel at any point if you just want to try it for a month or two. I really have nothing negative to say about this company or the products we have received in the months we have been doing it.

This month also included Reindeer food, completely eco-friendly and absolutely adorable. We had fun sprinkling it in the front yard!

I love shopping from small businesses off Etsy or local, so this to me is a great way to get to do that without having to shop around. Someone once told me that supporting a small business is supporting a dream. Ever since then, I saw shopping small in a new light. I am technically a small business, as an independent hair stylist, and that is exactly what my clients do for me. They are supporting my dreams.

So, if you are looking for a unique way to try new products and get your kids some awesome new gear, try Totlife, co. box subscription. You will not be disappointed!


Product opinions on this company are completely my own. Nothing was paid for by Totlife for this review.

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