Finding Balance

8:20:00 PM

I love being a mommy. It is quite literally the best thing that has happened in my entire life and there is nothing in the world that I would ever give in place of having this job. But in all reality, all jobs have there ups and downs. Even motherhood. Some days are fabulous, everyone gets along, the laundry gets done, folded AND put away and somehow dinner gets on the table by 5:30. Other days, the house is a disaster, kids are screaming and dinner is going through the drive-thru at Chick-fil-a or throwing in a frozen pizza (done both of these more times than I can count).

As I get deeper into motherhood, I am realizing that, like all things in life, it is just a balancing act. Finding time for our selves and our spouses, spending time with our kids and first and foremost spending time with our Creator. I think as moms we spend so much of our time giving ourselves away to our kids and our families that we tend to lose ourselves in the daily tasks. What is my purpose? Am I here just to wipe poopy butts and do mountains of laundry? I sure hope that God has something bigger in store for me, but today, that is where I am. I am trying to rely on God's goodness and grace and know that He is with me and that He meets me in all of my circumstances.

Today I was given the gentle reminder through a Natalie Grant song that God is King of the World and that He holds it ALL. The good, the bad, the ugly and stinky. He has it all! We all have down times and we all face hardships, but it doesn't mean that we have to stay there. God doesn't want us to wallow in self pity and doubt. He wants us to press on, to move forward and live our lives abundantly with Him.

So, how do we find balance as mamas and wives and career women and homemakers and everything in between? I think we have to remember Who holds it all and create space in our lives and our hearts for the Creator of the Universe. I know the days that I find time to spend in prayer and in God's word my entire day just seems to flow smoother and I seem to be a more patient and loving person. The person that I want to be EVERY day. A woman who actively and purposely lives out God's love to those around her.

We need to spend our time gathering all of the good, precious, beautiful moments of life and storing them up so that we can recall upon them in times that are a little bit more difficult and not so beautiful. Because life is not going to be smooth sailings, but when we know the one who holds us in His hand, He will give us the strength to take on any storm we may face in this life. And I wholeheartedly believe when we do this, we will find true balance + purpose + fulfillment.

"So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." - Isaiah 41:10

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