HIS Love is Enough

2:57:00 PM

The good Lord taught me a very valuable lesson this past week. I was feeling a little down and quite honestly a little abandoned and let down by people I hold very dear to me. Obviously no harmful intentions, and I understand I am a little extra sensitive and hormonal these days, but none the less I had this gut wrenching feeling that if for some reason our sweet new little baby was another boy that he may be loved differently and maybe a little less than if it is a girl. Now we don't know the gender yet, so there is a chance either way, but seeing as we have 2 boys I have prepared myself for the very real and probable possibility that this third little baby will be another boy.

After crying my eyes out and talking to God out loud in my shower I heard this still soft voice telling me that it was okay. That it didn't matter because He, above all else, loves this baby even more than I ever could. And in that moment I realized that He loves each of my children far beyond my capacity, even as their mother.

It was in this very raw moment that God somehow gave me an extraordinary amount of peace. Even though I have been trusted to carry this baby, as its brothers before him or her, and help them grow, the Lord is the one who formed him or her and has given me the absolute privilege to be their mama. It is an honor and a great responsibility and no matter what others opinions are around me I am comforted in the simple fact that He has loved them first and He loves each one of them with an unfailing, incomparable love to anything of this world. 

"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows"
- James 1:17

This is a pretty hard concept to grasp as a parent because we just think that no one could ever love our children the way we love them. But it is truth. And the way that God loves our kids is the exact way He loves each and every one of us. Enough to give up His only son and lay down His life. Only asking in return for our love, our devotion, and our faith that He is with us always. 

So today, I choose peace and I choose to accept that I am loved unconditionally and completely by the ONE who created all things. That no matter if this sweet baby is a boy or a girl that His love is proficient and does not "change like shifting shadows". It is constant, it is steady, and it is enough

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