Baby No. 3 :: Gender Reveal

1:38:00 PM

This past Saturday we did a fun little reveal shoot with my amazingly talented friend, Kera (of Kera Photography). We had the ultrasound the Saturday before at Pregnancy Treasures (and if you are in the St. Pete area I cannot recommend them enough) and had them seal an envelope saying the gender of this new little baby. We took that envelope straight to Kera and entrusted her to hold the secret until our reveal. It was the longest week ever, but oh my goodness, so worth it!

We wanted to do something unique and fun, but still make it an intimate and special moment for just our little family. Of course we sent everyone a picture hours later with the BIG news, but it was a way to make finding out the gender intimate and memorable, especially for the boys.

So without further a do...we are having a little....

...GIRL!!!! Oh my word guys, I could not have been more surprised (I really thought it was another boy) but we are over the moon with excitement for our sweet new addition. I'm a little nervous, just because I know boys so well and obviously she will be a little different, but I know it is going to be so special to have a daughter of our own. The Lord is so good!

* All photos are copyrighted and courtesy of the very talented Kera Photography.
* Dress via Rent the Runway

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