Road Trip Summer 2017

12:29:00 PM

As we approach the new school year, Summetime is winding down and life is about to get even crazier than normal (especially with a new little one on the way).

We try every Summer to visit my husband's dad who lives north of Atlanta, GA, which is approximately a 7-8 hour drive from our house (a bit longer with kiddos). This year, we decided to break up the drive and stay overnight in St. Augustine on the way up. If you have never been, it is a MUST. The kids loved it and there is so much history. We had the best day exploring the town and spending some much needed time just the four of us.

The next day we hit the road to Georgia where we would spend the next 2 days relaxing and spending some quality time with my husband's dad and step mom. We don't get to spend a ton of time with them on a daily basis so it is always nice to go for a visit at least once a year. The kids love it!

Day 1 : We went into Atlanta with the boys to play In centennial Olympic Park, which ended up being super fun. We let the kids run around in the fountain and then took a ride on the SkyView (basically a large farris wheel offering great views of the city).

Day 2 : Spent the morning hiking and exploring Sweetwater Creek State Park. The boys did incredible on our hike and we all basically spent the other half of the afternoon napping + relaxing.

I love our little family getaways. As the boys keep getting older, they are able to do more and more and appreciate things more as well. Seeing them experience nice new things is the highlight for me. I love watching them learn and grow and just experience life. 

I think it is safe to say this Summer ended on a high note. Now we are officially in back-to-school mode! 

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