A Letter to My Boys

2:50:00 AM

As I approach 38 weeks and am super emotional + hormonal, I am looking at my life right now and am completely overwhelmed. Trying to fit in all of my clients prior to baby no. 3's due date and trying to be a good wife + mother is taking every ounce of strength I have. But here is the truth, even though I am almost completely tapped out by the end of each day, I am so grateful for this life that I have and would not trade it for anything in the world. So, as I sit here at 2AM, not able to sleep, feeling a little nostalgic, I wanted to write a letter to my boys who are about to have their world rocked by a baby sister...

A letter to my sons,
Thank you for being you. I know I don't tell you enough, but I am so blessed to be your mommy and it is the greatest job I have ever had and will ever have. Thank you for bringing noise + chaos + laughter + joy to my life in ways that I never dreamed I would love as much as I do. I know there will come a day when the house is quiet + still and I will be longing for these days again. For the days when you chase each other down the hall and around the dining room table with super hero capes on and dump thousands of Legos all over the living room floor. For mornings filled with snuggles and evenings of dance parties.

My greatest joy in life is watching you grow + learn + explore this vast world around you. I pray that you will love God and love each other. Put each other first! Being a brother is sacred and I pray you always love each other and take care of one another. Be friends. Support each other and be proud of one another when one of you may do something better than the other. Live in the moment. Don't worry about what other people think and don't worry about the future, today has enough worries of it's own. Be respectful and kind. To one another and to others. Show Christ and His light in a world that seems to be overrun by darkness. It will be your greatest weapon in times of struggle and sorrow.

I love you. I have loved each of you from the moment I knew you were growing in my tummy. From that first moment I held you in my arms and looked into your eyes, I knew my life would never be the same. You have made my heart and soul's capacity for love grow far beyond words can express. I have never been more proud of anything in my life than being a tiny part of creating you. You gave my life new meaning and a new purpose. I pray that you will always love coming to me with your problems and sharing your days with me. That you will always feel safe and loved and free to be who God made you to be when we are together. Know that I love every. single. thing. about you and that will never change.

Thank you for truly being my greatest adventure in this life.

I love you all the way to up to Heaven and back,

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