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Bare with me because this post is Adelle's birth was a loooooong process...

In the famous words of Brad Paisley, "she'll take her time...waitin' on a woman." I don't think there could be more truer words as we awaited the arrival of our dear little lady, Miss Adelle Rose.

The waiting at the end has always been the hardest part of pregnancy for me. I am such a planner and a bit of a control freak, so of course it would be nice to know okay, next Thursday, when you are 40 weeks and 3 days, she will be born at blah blah blah o'clock...but that is just not how it works. These little ones are born in God's perfect timing, whenever they gosh darn feel like it. It is like waiting on pins and needles every moment of those last days (sometimes weeks).

As each day passed I became more and more anxious about when she would actually decide to be ready. "Would today be the day?" I asked myself each morning as I woke up still pregnant. And then nothing. I tried just about every trick in the book, until about 3 or 4 days past her due date, when I finally realized, you know what, this little baby HAS to come out sooner or later....I guess I am just going to have to give it to God and be patient (let me tell you, I am not very good at this).

I experienced tons of Prodromal (false) labor for days leading up to her birth, which was quite frustrating (and exhausting), because it would seem like things were starting to progress and then, BOOM, everything would just stall.

Finally, at 41 weeks, I went into the hospital for routine postdate tests, where they check baby's heart rate, along with amniotic fluid levels and some other things, just to basically make sure mommy and baby are healthy. Fluid looked low, but upon first glance everything was fine, we still "passed" the test, so the midwife planned to see me back in 2 days rather than 3 (just to be safe with the fluid levels).

After sending me home, she read the official report and decided things looked far more concerning and called me and my husband back to the hospital, because she wanted to induce and monitor baby more closely. As scary as this was, I mean it was definitely NOT my plan to be induced or to even be in the hospital for that matter, I was excited that I would have my baby soon. At the end of the day all I really wanted was a healthy baby. If this is what I needed to do to ensure that, I was going to do it.

We arrived back at the hospital around 3PM and were admitted and given a room pretty quickly. At 5PM they started me on a low dose of Pitocin, with plans to increase every 30 minutes (as long as baby could handle it) until things got rockin' and rollin'.

Well, 16 hours later with little to no progression and being completely maxed out on my level of Pitocin, I was exhausted and frustrated with nothing happening. Contractions would start and be consistently 2 minutes apart for about an hour and then they would just poop out. It was exhausting physically, mentally and emotionally. I felt like my body was just not doing what it was supposed to do.

At about 5:30 the following morning I made the call to send my mom and midwife home to get some rest. Nothing was happening, so I told them I would let them know whenever things seemed to actually be moving along. For a brief moment after everyone was gone I fell apart in my husband's arms. I felt tired. I felt frustrated. And I felt like my body was failing me.

Shift change at the hospital happened around 7/7:30 when I met my new midwife and nurse for the day. They were both WONDERFUL!!!! We talked with the new midwife and he gave us some more options. I was only about 3-4 cm dilated, but since this was not my first baby, he was highly confident that if we broke my water it would kick my body into gear, flooding it with the natural Oxytocin needed to "really" start labor, and we would have a baby in a couple of hours. I was nervous, but it made sense. Clearly Pitocin wasn't working, so this seemed like the logical next step.

He let me have some breakfast and think about what I wanted to do. After about an hour I officially made the call. Let's do it. At 9:17 he broke my water, contractions got intense quickly and he never even left the room. He must have had a feeling things were going to move quickly at this point. And let me tell you, his gut feeling was right on target. My mom and original midwife didn't even make it back to the hospital before little lady was born. After about 20 minutes I suddenly felt the extreme urge to push. 2 or 3 pushes later, at 10:02, she was out and in my arms!

She was as blue as a blueberry when I first held her in my arms. The umbilical cord had been wrapped around her neck three times, plus had a true knot in it. They gave her a good rub down to make her cry and her color came back pretty quickly. She was the total talk of the floor for the whole day. Everyone was so amazed at not only how quickly she was born, but in the circumstances, that she was totally perfect. Not one thing was wrong with her. I thank God every day for bringing her Earthside so swiftly and safely.

Even though I had to be induced, I was still able to have my unmedicated birth and I totally attribute that to how fast and furious she made her entrance into the world. There is something about having complete feeling and control over your body that is so empowering to me as a woman giving birth. I totally understand why so many have pain medication, because, let's face it, it is definitely no walk in the park. It is extremely painful. But to me, that pain is worth it. It helps me to focus on the task at hand and the reward far out weighs the pain.

I believe my body knew that she needed to be born fast to avoid any complications and that was why there was no real progression with the Pitocin. Looking back, no trick in the book was ever going to put me into labor, because she needed to be born the exact way she was born. With the guidance of many amazing professionals, trusting my body and my ability to guide her out, plus a whole lot of prayer.

If I have learned one thing through Adelle's birth it is definitely to let go of control and to trust God. He had a plan from the very beginning of time for this little girl and He knew exactly how the whole process would play out. As so many things could have gone wrong, I am beyond grateful that the Lord kept this sweet baby safe and healthy and still gave me a beautiful birth story with her. It may not have been my sweet homebirth like with Elijah, or even close to what I had planned, but it was just as wonderful in a different way.

Ironically the bible verse I was clinging to the last week of my pregnancy was:

Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for HIM.
Psalm 37:7a

When you look into the eyes of your baby for the first time, there is nothing that compares. Nothing else matters after that moment. The moment, whether it is your first, or 7th, that your heart grows immensely in its capacity to love this tiny little human. The moment you become mommy. It is the greatest moment you will ever experience. 

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