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So after over a year of seeing all the Ads on social media I finally caved this past month and subscribed to FabFitFun. I had to see what all the hooplah was about. And if I can be completely honest, I get it now!

First off, who doesn't love receiving little gifts in the mail? I know I do. I think that is why online shopping is so much fun. The excitement of your package arriving and getting to open up something brings me such joy, whether it is for me or not. Typically anything I get in the mail is a bill of some sort or if it is something fun, it is for my kids. I love that this is something for me.

Take a look inside my #editorsbox and see for yourself:

This hydrating mask has been my favorite product from this box, especially just getting back from vacation in Colorado where the air was so dry compared to Florida. My skin was in dyer need of some extra hydration, so I have been using this daily since we got back. LOVE!

One of my favorite parts about this box is that you receive FULL SIZE products. Not samples.

All in all, this subscription seems to be totally worth the investment, especially if you are like me and love to try new products, but don't really know what you want to try. It takes the guess work out of the equation and you still end up with great products!

FabFitFun is the perfect way to treat yourself! Which let's face it, when was that last time you did something just for YOU? You can get $200+ of amazing, FULL-SIZED beauty, fashion, wellness, and home decor products for just $49.99.

Use my code to get $10 off your first box! http://xo.fff.me/h372Q


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