New Year's Resolutions :: 2019

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Resolutions. Goals. Mantras. Whatever you call them, each of us typically approaches a new year as an opportunity to make some sort of change in our lives. Whether it be for our diet, lifestyle, career goals, etc. It is a beautiful reminder that we never have to stay where we are. God gives us a fresh start. A chance to turn over a new leaf and better ourselves and our lives.

As we near the start of 2019 I have been reflecting on this past year and how even though I am so bad at resolutions, I actually did pretty well sticking to my goals for this past year. One of my big goals for 2018 was to put more money into savings, which I have been pretty good at. However my husband is about to celebrate his 30th birthday and I wanted to do something BIG for I dipped into my savings and got him his very own golf cart. 

I must say, it was pretty awesome to make such a large purchase without having to tell him or inform him of a bill that might come later. It was paid fully in cash and he was so surprised and honored to receive such a lavish gift. So even though I may wiped out a lot of my savings, I feel like I used it with a good purpose. To do something so special and selfless for someone I love. And that is what it is about!!

This year I wanted to pick a word. A single word to describe how I want 2019 to feel when I reflect on it this same time next year.

And my word is :: INTENTIONAL

Intentional: done on purpose or deliberate.

My goals this year are all surrounding this word... 

To be intentional with my time with God every day.

To be intentional finding time to take care of me. Whether that is working out, having more girls nights, or getting my nails done (without children).

To intentionally get more date nights and quality alone time with my husband.

To be more intentional about spending quality time with friends (without kids).

To intentionally see more of the world traveling and exploring (even places close to home).

To be intentional about learning something new and getting out of my comfort zone.

To be more intentional about being kind to those around me and spreading joy through random acts of kindness.

To intentionally put more money in savings.

Intentionally read more for fun.

Intentionally participate in more education to make myself a better stylist and colorist.

Intentionally spend one on one time with each of my children each month. <-- this is a big one for me!

There you have it. My goals for the new year. In a nutshell to be more intentional with my time, my talents, my money, and my relationships. I would love if as I approached 2020 I can look back and say, this year was my best year yet!

If you could pick one word that you want to describe your 2019 what would it be?? I encourage each of you to look through some of these words (found on The Diary of a Frugal Family blog) and find one that speaks to your heart. From there create goals around that word. 

I wish each and every one of you the most amazing 2019!! May you make it your best year yet!

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