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We have lived in our current home for just over 5 years and although we have done a LOT around here, if you have ever owned a house, you will know, that there are always things to be done and projects that need tending.

A most recent project that we took on was redecorating our back patio. For years it has been a variety of different things, but never a true living space. As our kids are getting a little older now, I felt that we could give this space a little face lift to make it feel more grown up. 

We started by moving the furniture that was under the patio out by the pool. The set was a bit bulky and definitely works much better out there. My goal was to create a space that was light and airy with a touch of beach cottage. I wanted it to feel cozy and inviting as well as functional for our family of 5 who loves to entertain our friends and family regularly.

We started out purchasing these amazing egg chairs from Sam's Club, and when the hubs went to go get them, he came across the smaller kid versions. In his own words, "they were just too cute to not get them." So I altered my vision a bit to make room for the extra chairs, but honestly how stinkin' cute are they?? And our kids love them! They are the perfect little reading nooks. And if you have kids of your own, you will understand we couldn't get just one, as we have 3 kids. So we got one for each of them.

The adult egg chairs were on clearance so I can't find a link to these exact chairs, but HERE is a similar version. Same with the kids ones, but THESE are almost identical. If you have time to wait, you may check your local Sam's Club during the Spring or Summertime, because they may get more in stock for the season.

The coffee table between the adult egg chairs, found at Walmart, actually opens up for storage as well, which I love! Give me all the extra storage please. Find similar styles HERE and HERE.

Once we had the first little area set up, I knew I wanted to do something that added a bit more seating. We eventually settled on this sofa set from Walmart HERE. If you click the link for the sofa, you can see it only came with 3 pieces (and the table), but they accidentally shipped us 2 sets and didn't want us to return the second one so we took 2 of the pieces and created our own little small sectional. Honestly, it works really well in the space and seats a few more people, so we like it! 

I will most likely switch out the tables at some point, but these work for now. I absolutely loved the teak colored wood with the blue cushions.

All of the little throw pillows and the palm tree were found at Homegoods and TJMaxx. Outdoor rug was from Wayfair.

So what do you guys think? Do you like how we redid this space? Do you think it accomplishes the vibe I was originally planning to accomplish? Does it feel cozy and inviting?

Now that our back patio is complete, on to the next project!

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