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One of our most recent projects was enclosing part of our garage and turning it into an actual laundry room. Queue the hallelujah chorus! For years our laundry area has just been a part of the garage, cluttered and dirty. Not my ideal space to do laundry, but it worked. 

After years of dreaming and saving, we finally were able to enclose a part of the garage and create a dreamy, functional space for our laundry. We also were able to drop our AC into this room, so it feels like part of the house and actually increased our square footage of the home a bit. BONUS!

I could not be more in love with how this space turned out and if you are a mom you can understand the delight I have now getting to do laundry in a pretty space. Because you very well know, there is a LOT of it!!



Laundry/cleaning Jugs - Amazon
Laundry/cleaning Labels- Etsy: 2TreeStudios
Laundry Room Sign- Etsy: CastleberryHill
Rubber Utility Mat- Walmart (similar one here)
Flooring- Lowe's
Brick Backsplash- Home Depot

So what do you think about this space? Are you dreaming of any new projects around your home?? What is something you LOVE about redesigning a space? How about HATE?

My favorite part of redesigning a space is seeing it all come together. I love all of the little details that make a space feel cozy and complete. Something I definitely do not love about redesigning spaces or anything in construction is all of the unforeseen problems that always seem to pop up. For instance in the laundry room, one reason it took so long to complete was some of the plumbing issues. We ended up finding a leak in a pipe behind the wall (which was a blessing in disguise, but still). If you have ever done any sort of construction or renovation you know there are always unforeseen or additional things that pop up during the process. Without fail, happens every time. 

Onto the next project! Until next time friends...

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