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Hi! My name is Morgan. I am a mommy to 2 amazing little boys, 1 sweet as pie little girl and wife to 1 awesome man, whose name just so happens to also be Morgan. Go figure. By day I am a hair stylist and when I am not busy at the salon, well I am a mama, housekeeper, chef, chauffeur...the list goes on and on. Welcome to my crazy life!

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I started this blog for fun when I was planning my wedding back in 2010 as a place to keep my thoughts and inspirations organized. Now, life has changed so much and I really want the focus of this blog to be about my family and day to day life as a mommy. A space that is REAL and raw. Because let's face it, motherhood is not always sunshine and rainbows. It is challenging, exhausting and demanding. Yet all at the same time it is beautiful, joyous and full of so much hope and laughter.

I have become tired of being bogged down with all of the lies and half-truths of motherhood created by social media and Pinterest. We are being fed daily that our homes need to be perfect and our children be well-behaved, groomed little robots. News flash!!! Life is not like Pinterest. It is messy and I will be the first to admit my children are NOT perfect, nor am I (or ever will be) a perfect mother. But God created me (and you) for greatness. We are works in progress. Our lives may not be perfectly tailored and staged, but they are perfectly messy and that is much more beautiful.

This space is for real moms who don't have it all together. If you are perfect, you probably won't care about anything I will have to say. But if you are like me, and some days you crawl into bed and sob because your 5 year old can be a little jerk and other days you carry your head high with pride because they were nice to the new kid at school, this little space is for you. I pray you will find this blog uplifting, encouraging and inspiring. We are all trying to find balance + friendships + community + joy in our struggles and that is my goal for this space.

I hope you will enjoy my posts and I pray that something here will touch your heart. 

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